40 Hour Famine 2014

40 Hour Famine 2014

23-25 MAY 2014

The 40 Hour Famine is almost a Kiwi tradition. Every year since 1974, thousands of young Kiwis have gone all out to raise money for poor children and those living in hunger through a 40 hour challenge. Traditionally, this meant going without food. But over the years, people have become really creative, creating fun new challenges such as giving up their cell phones, going without the internet and some have gone as far as taking a 40-hour vow of silence.

So far, Kiwis have raised $65 million and each year we hope to raise the bar a little higher. With over 2.5 million young Kiwis having participated thus far, the 40 Hour Famine is getting bigger and better each year.


Looking to do the 40 Hour Famine in 2013? It only takes a few minutes to get started.

Setting up your profile online will only take a few minutes – once you’re done you’ll be able to request donations from your friends and family, order sponsorship books, collect medals and watch your Famine total grow!

Encourage your sponsors to donate to you online as it will be processed immediately and will help you collect medals, which will increase your chances of winning some great prizes


The 23-25 MAY 2014 is Famine weekend which means it’s time to get together and Go hard out for the hungry. If you have chosen to go without food for the weekend we recommend keeping up fluids to stay hydrated. Simply drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices. We also suggest a glucose product such as barley sugars at regular intervals.


You’ve done the hard work and now it’s time to chase up anyone who said they’d sponsor you and get all your hard earned money. The cut-off date for banking Famine funds is the 17th July which means you’ll need to have everything banked by then if you want the money to go towards your total.


  • 30 hour

    40 hour famine – accompanying resources

    In the States the Fuller Youth Institute created an awesome accompaniment which is for any youth worker who wants to increase their students interaction with issues related to hunger and poverty and equip them to live out kingdom-of-God responses


How do I set up an online profile for my group?

Just register your group here and follow the instructions.

What do I do with the sponsor books and organiser pack I’ve been given?

Organiser pack: The 40 Hour Famine organiser pack is for you to help guide and motivate your group’s participants as they do their 40 Hour Famine. It contains an organiser record sheet and other useful information. Sponsor books: The sponsor books are for the participants in your group (school/church/other) to use to sign up and track sponsors and donations.

How do I get more sponsor books for my group?

Go to Get more sponsor books page in Edit profile and complete the steps (only for logged in group organisers). This page also shows the number of books you’ve already been sent. If this figure is incorrect please contact the 40 Hour Famine team on 0800 FAMINE (326463) or through the Contact us page on this website.

How do I make sure our donations show up on our group profile?

Donations appear on your group’s online profile in 2 ways:

• Online donations – if people donate directly to your group or a member in your group via credit card and internet banking, donations will appear immediately on your group’s online profile
• Offline donations – Often members of your group will receive cash or cheque donations. You can bank these at any ANZ branch using the deposit slips supplied in your 40 Hour Famine pack – ensure the bank includes the sponsor book number so we can track payments. These offline banked donations will appear on your online profile the day after they are processed by World Vision (usually 3-4 days after banking).

How can I see how much my group has banked?

The fundraising total for your group appears on both your online profile page and your group’s online profile page.

To view a list of donations made to your group, go to the My school/church/group’s fundraising progress page in Edit profile (only for logged in group organisers).

Where do I deposit the 40 Hour Famine funds raised by my group?

• Use your deposit book to bank your school/church/group’s cash and cheque donations at any ANZ branch – ensure the bank includes the sponsor book number so we can track payments.
• If you’ve lost your deposit book you can order one by calling 0800 FAMINE (326 463).
All money needs to be banked by Wednesday, 17 July, so be sure to deposit all funds raised by then!
• Send all completed sponsor books to World Vision by Friday, 19 July to: Freepost Famine, World Vision New Zealand, Private Bag 92078, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142.

What should I do with the used 40 Hour Famine materials?

Please return all your school/church/group’s completed sponsor books and copies of the organiser record sheet to World Vision by 19 July. We’ve included freepost stickers in the organiser pack that you can use when returning your materials to World Vision. If you can’t find your sticker simply post them to: Freepost Famine, World Vision New Zealand, Private Bag 92078, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

How can I donate to a participant or a group?

Donate to a participant or group by searching for the participant or group and following the steps to donate via credit card or internet banking. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes via email.

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