JYMC’s Film Fest 2013

JYMC’s Film Fest 2013

film fest logoThis year Ignition youth group from Christ the King, Porirua PIPC in Cannons Creek hosted JYMC’s annual Film Fest. The theme they decided to model the night on was ‘Thrift Shop’, so we all dressed up in our Thrift shop outfits and had the opportunity to bring along our old clothes to swap or donate.

Around 150 people joined us on the night to celebrate and support our local youth group’s entries. Each youth group that enters is allowed to enter two films (most enter one) that are under 5 minutes long and contain at least one piece of scripture. Then from here they create masterpieces that all take us on very different journeys!

This year there were some very memorable moments for the crowd as they roared with laughter watching a sumo couple go on an unusual date as one chased the other around Wellington city. Then we were taken through our Christmas story but with a Cannons Creek flavor, Ventured throughout the galaxy on a teacup, witnessed heartache in ‘The Bacherlotte’, and cheered on an EPIC battle scene in Palmerston North. Then on a serious note we journeyed through consequences with restricted licenses, random acts of kindness, were scared (or maybe not) by a ghost and witnessed some awesome fake (well we assume it was) blood.

Our three judges; Jason Williamson, Phil King, and Carlton Johnstone spent hours on the afternoon before Film Fest to go over every entry to figure who would take out the illustrious Festival Favourite trophy.

film fest favouriteAfter much adding up of points and much discussion Thrive, High school youth group from Saint John’s in the City with their Sumo’s took out first place with Tawa Union coming in second and EPIC, intermediate youth group from Saint John’s in the City taking out third place. This is the first time an intermediate youth group has taken out one of the top three prizes.

Congratulations to all who worked so hard on their awesome FF2013 entries. Can’t wait to see what will be created next year! If you would like to watch any of these films some of the links are below.

Plus as an extra surprise this year some of our Wellington ministers who have been supporting Fim fest for years put their own film together with previous Film Fest winner, Mike Gamble. Check out their fun video here:

UNDER THE RADAR from Mike Gamble on Vimeo.

Ngahuia Rolston

JYMC Regional Youth Worker


Film Fest 2013 Placing’s

Festival Favourite (1st Place)

Finding Sumo

St John’s in the City Church, Thrive (High school aged)


Second Place

Jedi Force III: Storm in a Teacup

Tawa Union

Third Place


St John’s in the City Church, EPIC (Intermediate aged)


Tawa Union

Jedi Force III: Storm in a Teacup

Best Set and Art

St Alban’s Presbyterian, Palmerston North

Little people + God > Giants

Best choreography


St Barnabas Presbyterian


Best Special Effects


St Margaret’s Presbyterian

Ash to Ash, Dust to Dust

Best Cinematography


Miramar Uniting

The Bachelor

X Factor award, Best actress (Elizabeth)


Christ the King, Porirua PIPC

#follow me

Best Soundtrack, Best Performance Relationship (3 wise men)



Wadestown Presbyterian


What the? most left field (most original screen play), Best actor (Timothy)


 EPIC, St John’s in the City


Best editor, Theology award



Thrive, St John’s in the City

Finding Sumo

Best Comedy